Safe Selling Notice

1. Register
2. Read shoe photography guide
3. Follow easy instructions to Place an Ad and pay £5 listing fee
4. Upload Ad details and photos



Once you have registered you can enjoy the benefits of selling your designer shoes on a worldwide market.

  • To place your designer shoes on the cost is currently only £5. This is non refundable and paid through Paypal.  It does not matter which country you live in as Paypal exchanges the cost from pounds to dollars, euros, etc.
  • Firstly, it’s very important you place your item in the correct category.
  • Make sure you provide a full description outlining all detail i.e. faults, sizes, features and authenticity. The more detail you provide the more likely it is to sell.
  • Take at least 4 really good photos: One of the side, one of the back, one of the inside and one of any special detail (i.e. buckle, pattern, bow etc.). Please view our useful Shoe Photography Guide as the better your photos, the better your chances of selling. Keep the size of the photos below 4mb.
  • Be realistic about pricing your shoes. Also be prepared for the buyer to make you an offer and to negotiate on the final price. 
  • As a rule, you can expect to sell your shoes for a roughly a quarter of the price you bought them for if they are still in very good condition.

As with any sales transaction, you should always carry out your own due diligence to check that buyers are genuine prior to releasing any goods. There are many common scams used widely across market place type websites all over the internet. In particular scams involving FAKE Paypal emails advising you that you have funds or that funds are on hold so that you think it is ok to release the goods. If you ever suspect a Paypal fraud then you should report this directly to Paypal so they can investigate. You can read more details and advice about this on the Paypal Website.

Please do not let scams put you off selling online because thousands of successful sales transactions take place through market place type sites every day without any problems at all.

You should make sure that your items are authentic before listing them on You may not disclaim knowledge of, or responsibility for, the authenticity or legality of the items. If you cannot verify the authenticity of an item, it cannot be listed on 

Make sure your listing follows these guidelines. If it doesn't, it may be removed and your listing fee will not be refunded. 

What are the guidelines? 

    Sellers are


    to use statements like these to describe an item they know is authentic:
  • "Guaranteed authentic."
  • "100% authentic or your money back."
    Sellers are

NOT Allowed

  • List items that aren't authentic
  • List items if they're not sure if they are authentic
    In addition, sellers can't disclaim authenticity of their item by stating, for example:
  • "I cannot guarantee the authenticity of this item, so please bid accordingly."
  • "Vintage Gucci shoes???"
  • "Looks like this could be a pair of Christian Louboutin "
  • "I believe these are Christian Dior, but I can’t be sure."
  • "I inherited these vintage designer shoes, so I have no idea if it’s real or not."
  • "These shoes look real to me."
  • "I’m no expert, so look at the pictures and decide for yourself if it’s real."

Why does have this policy?

The sale of unauthorised replica and counterfeit shoes is illegal and against our policies. Sellers who aren't sure of the legality or authenticity of their items can't sell those items on This policy helps protect buyers from purchasing illegal designer shoe and helps intellectual property rights owners protect their rights.


Depending on where the buyer is located, your postage costs may vary between £4 and £20. Remember, this site is for buyers and sellers worldwide. On average 1 pair of shoes in a box weigh 1kg or 2.2 pounds. Please refer to your local post office or website for costs and time to deliver. 

Here are a few useful postal service links:

* Royal Mail 
* US Postal Service
* Australia 
* Austria 
* Belgium 
* Canada 
* Germany 
* France 
* Holland 
* Italy 
* Spain 
* Switzerland 
* Russia


Pack your items well and include the shoe box if you still have it – you will need to let the buyer know if you have the box or not. 

Be sure to use either recorded delivery or registered post. Remember to include the cost of your postage within your selling price.   It is best to use your country's mainland postage cost to begin with and if your buyer is from overseas, then simply refer to the list above to find the alternative cost and advise them when negotiaiting. 

If you're happy to send your item abroad, make sure that you check the cost with your postal service before you agree on a price. Sending parcels overseas will incur a tax to the buyer, not the seller. 

Don't forget to check the Customs & Excise laws within your jurisdiction.

  • Package labels should be printed clearly and attached securely to the front and back of the package.
  • Keep your receipts to confirm not only when an item was sent, but also proof that it was posted.
  • With the more valuable items, we strongly suggest Postal Insurance, as The Site can accept no liability and does not guarantee safe carriage of any item posted or couriered.


For any item valued over $100 USD, US customs will impose a 6.5% tax. However, there are ways of reducing this tax. 

You must mark the parcel ‘Internet Purchase’. By doing this, it gives the first $200 tax free. 
NB: If you address the parcel to two people, for example, Mr and Mrs Smith, then the first $400 is tax free. 

Once you have sold the shoes update your item as sold in your transaction listing and get ready to place your next item!