How to Buy - As a Buyer it’s Simple and Easy


1. Register
2. Browse for shoes
3. Login to contact seller
4. Agree a price
5. Arrange payment directly with seller
6. Get tracking number for postage
7. Enjoy!





Once you are registered and have searched for the style, brand or size you want, all you have to do is click the ‘Contact Seller’ button and ask whatever questions you may have.

For example:


  • Is the item really brand new?
  • How many times has it been worn?
  • The description is a little unclear, so may I have the measurements?
  • How old is the item?
  • Is the item stretched?
  • Would you accept … ?




To make this process as simple as possible, we recommend you pay through Paypal so you are protected by the Paypal policies. However you may choose to pay by any other method that the seller accepts.  Once you agree on a price with the seller, all you have to do is pay the money directly to them by the agreed method.





Ask the seller to give you the date they intend to post the item, and always make sure they give you a tracking number.

If you are buying from another country please check the Customs & Excise laws within your jurisdiction. You may have to pay a duty tax, but for most countries, packages marked "Internet Purchase" can reduce taxes. For such instances, make sure the seller labels the package appropriately, along with their name, a description of the item and the value.