How do I register?
It is easy to register on buyMYheels.com and it's completely free! Simply select 'Sign Up or Create New Account' wherever indicated and fill in the relevant details before submitting. After your application has been completed, you will be sent an email containing your welcome note. You will then be free to log in as a Member - all you need to do it to make a note of your chosen User ID and password, as this will be needed every time you wish to log on to the Site.

Are under 18's able to use the site?
Under 18's are welcome, however parental agreement and supervision must be sought.

I have forgotten my user ID and/or password, what do I do?
If you have forgotten your User ID or Password, please click HERE and enter your email address, and your password/ID will be forwarded to your registered email.

May I cancel my membership?
Should you wish to cancel your membership, buyMYheels will be sorry to see you go - but your wish to do so will be understood! Please note that the Terms & Conditions will apply to you at all times regardless of your Membership status. Simply send an email to info@buyMYheels.com informing Administration of your wish to cancel your membership. Please include your User Name. Don't forget that you'll be welcome to re-join at any time!

Will my personal details be available to other members?
Your personal details will not be available to other Members. Obviously the only time you will need to give these details is when you contact a seller or buyer directly either by asking a question, or when buying or selling an item. See our Privacy policy for further information.

How many shoes may I sell ?
buyMYheels has provided you with the ability to sell any number of items. However each item must be registered separately.

How do I upload images?
When you are adding your items to the site you will need to add photo's to promote your items. You will see the photo upload form at the bottom of the page. We do ask you to keep your image size to a maximum of 4MB, if you are unsure of how to check your image size then right click on the thumbnail of the image within your computer and scroll down to 'Properties'. It will give you the size of the image. Try to re-size it without making it too small, we need your pictures to be no more than 4MB.

Is it essential that I include a photograph of my item?
It is not essential that you include a photograph of your item. However, it does make it easier for buyers to see what is for sale and will obviously assist your selling potential if pictorial guides are provided alongside a detailed and helpful description of the item.

How do I price my item?
You have the advantage of setting your own price for your items - this is not an auction! However, we do encourage members to be realistic when pricing items. Check other sales for any similar items that may help to give you an idea of value - but always remain fair. If your item does not sell within one month, we recommend you consider lowering the price.

Can I change the description of my item once listed?
You will be able change any of the details that appear on your listed items, simply by logging in and going to account settings. This will show all the items that you have for sale. By choosing 'Edit Item' you may alter any part of your listing. Don't forget to complete the process by selecting submit changes when you have finished making the changes! 

How can I remove items that I no longer wish to display?
Log on using your User ID and password, then go to Account Settings to access your full list of items for sale. Simply find the item you wish to remove and select delete.

How do I send my item once sold?
It is recommended that you send your item via recorded delivery (or the equivalent in your area), so don't forget to include the price of postage in the sale price, as this cannot be added later! For assistance on how to best pack your items, please click on Postage & Packaging .

When calculating postage & handling costs - does this include overseas?
Your postage costs should be included in the price for your country of origin. When listing an item for sale you will be asked to enter the item price, as well as the domestic postage price, in the relevant boxes. For shipping abroad you will be invited to enter an international postage cost in a separate box and this will appear next to the total of the item in brackets (identified as International Shipping Surcharge). If a buyer from abroad purchases your item you will need to add the cost of international shipping to your final price.
*We recommend that you clarify whether you are willing to post abroad and if so, the added element of international postage costs.

Are there any imports or export restrictions I should be aware of?
Generally there are few or no import/export restrictions on second-hand clothing. Within the UK, customs and excise require a packing list for contents of parcels being sent to and from abroad - however, if you are in any doubt, advice should be sought from an official body within your jurisdiction.

May I post brand new items on The Site?
The Site welcomes new and second hand items.

What happens if the item is lost in the post?
It is recommended that all items be sent via recorded delivery, or the equivalent in your jurisdiction. It is further recommended that private sellers offer an insurance policy as added peace of mind for buyers. This is purely at the discretion of buyers and sellers and should be negotiated during the purchase process. buyMYheels is unable to accept responsibility for any item lost in the post that is the result of a sale between a private seller and buyer.  Once a seller has expressed interest it is important to notify them of any changes.  If any dispute is entered into after a sale this may affect your positioning.  

I have some selling tips to pass on to fellow members, where can I do this?
The Members Forum has been put in place for ideas to be published. There are plenty of notice boards to choose from! buyMYheels encourages Members to post any tips - it'll be great to help others and go a long way to building and maintaining the Community Spirit which is such an important part of the Site!

How can I show my appreciation of a good buyer or seller?
There is a rating system for both buyers and sellers on buyMYheels. You will be asked to rate each other upon completion and receipt of your lovely shoes.

I have a comment or idea regarding the site, what do I do?
Should you have any ideas or improvements that you think might benefit other members, please feel free to Contact Us with your ideas. We'd love to hear from you!

I'm looking for a specific Member, what do I do?
Should you wish to contact a specific Member, please contact our Customer Service and we will forward any message for you. This may be done by sending an email to info@buymyheels.com

I've received an aggressive or offensive communication, what do I do?
Communications of this nature are expressly prohibited, of any description. Should you receive anything that you believe to be inappropriate, please email us, giving as much detail as possible and preferably attaching a copy of your communication. This may result in Suspension or disqualification. See Terms & Conditions for more details.
NB: buyMYheels further recommends that copies of all correspondence in relation to any transaction are stored until it has been completed to the satisfaction of both parties.

I've experienced or encountered behaviour that worries or offends me, what do I do?
Behaviour such as this is expressly prohibited, of any description. Should you receive any form of communication or experience any behaviour that you believe to be inappropriate, please email us, giving as much detail as possible. For the offender, this may result in Suspension or disqualification. See Terms & Conditions for more details.

How do I resolve a dispute between a buyer and a seller?

Before you start:
Speedy and honest communication is the best way to solve the majority of problems that may arise on buyMYheels. Be as proactive as possible.

Address the problem straight away to prevent the issue from becoming more complex, which is harder to resolve. Always keep it polite and professional.

Postal Service:
If an item is lost or damaged in the post, you should contact the postal company directly to learn about the type of coverage they provide. Also, is there proof of postage (e.g. a receipt)? The postal company may be able to use this information to track your package.

If you paid for an item via PayPal and you did not receive it, contact PayPal and ask about their protection services.  Dont worry, you are protected.  For more information go to PayPal Buyer Protection page

Please be patient:
Some people may not be available right away (e.g. they might be on holiday). Give your fellow member the benefit of the doubt and please be patient. Remember: 99.9% of people are genuine and honest.

How do I pay by PayPal?
If a seller has requested payment by PayPal only, you will need a Paypal account in order to fulfill the financial obligation. If you do not wish to do so, then you may wish to contact the seller via the 'Ask The Seller A Question' within each item description and ask if an alternative payment method may be available. Please check the payment requirements of a seller before agreeing to a purchase. As long as both the buyer and seller have Paypal accounts - all you need to do is to simply follow the online instructions within the Checkout Process to complete this method of payment.