About Us


We are a friendly team based in the UK and USA.  This website comes under our fully registered company buyMYworld LLC.

We formed this site with the intent of providing a safe and secure way for you to buy and sell quality footwear.

We also wanted to provide an easy to use website with no fluffing around:  Look, Buy and Sell, on a website purely dedicated to high end designer shoes.  Perfect!

This site will continue to be updated so please bookmark us and pass the word around.  Designer shoes from all around the world vary greatly and you can see some wonderful brands, so the more people who know about us the more variety and choice there is for you.  If there are any additions to our list of brands, please email us at info@buyMYheels.com with the brand name and the retail price of the shoes.  The same goes for any feedback, suggestions, etc.

We will reply to any correspondence within 24 hours of receiving it and hope you will be happy with buyMYheels.com

We check the site daily for fake items and remove any member who is seen to be selling or swapping fakes.  It is our utmost desire to protect the buyers on buyMYheels.

We hope you enjoy our site.  There are  8 out of 10 women who would buy and 5 out of 10 who would sell, so dont waste any more time and sell those shoes!