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In the UK, womens designer shoes is a big industry and up until now, if you had a pair of Jimmy Choos, Christian Louboutins, Sigerson Morrison, Manolo Blahniks, Vera Wangs or any other top shoe designer, and no longer wear them, you can keep them and fill up wardrobe space, give them to a charity, or give them to your friends.

It all started two years ago with an idea hatched early on a Saturday morning. Sitting on the sofa and nursing a hangover, I was watching the BBC news about designer shoes in the UK. At the time it was a £1.4 billion industry and the first thing that went through my head was what do women do with all the designer shoes? After several coffees and an eventual bloody mary (yes, it was one of those nights!) I decided to put down some questions and do some research into this unknown market. How many designer shoes do you own? Would you sell your old shoes? Would you buy used designer shoes? Would you like a site dedicated to selling used designer shoes? Who is your favourite designer?

The results were staggering, with almost half of women who own designer shoes would sell old or unused pairs, and three quarters of women would buy. With this in mind, buyMYheels was born.

The demand for second hand designer shoes is high. In todays economic climate it makes every sense to put last season’s Gucci’s or a pair of shoes you haven’t worn for a long time onto the market. Did you know that over 55% of women who buy designer shoes would never wear at least two pairs again?

The site was first built with two main purposes. Firstly to provide a fashionable site purely dedicated to used designer shoes, and secondly to make it as easy and user friendly as possible. Build it and they will come! Well not quite. The concept was right but the initial design wasnt appealing. My idea of a classy and chic fashion site didnt quite cut it!  After plenty of feedback I chose to start all over again.

What you see now is a site which, under the direction of Hazel from Creative Web Company, has come on in leaps and bounds. We want to encourage women to use this site as an exclusive place to buy and sell high end designer shoes. The look and feel of the site is exclusive and still has the ease of use. One of the highlights of the site is the Shoe Alert. If you are looking for a specific brand of shoes in your size, fill out the alert and once the pair comes up for sale you will be notified.

Another benefit to the site is that you are not putting your shoes up for auction. Place an advertisement  on buyMYheels and the shoes will remain up for sale until they are sold.

buyMYheels is looking for some great photos of your shoes placed on the site. By creating an ad on buyMYheels you will automatically be entered into the draw to win £500 for the best pair of photographed shoes. Follow the shoe photography guidelines and the winner will be announced.

So for now, enjoy the site, take a look around, register and become part of a new and exciting global community of shoe lovers. Please leave us your feedback as well. Your input will be invaluable in helping us to continue to improve the site.

Best wishes and Happy New Year to you all,


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