A Step Too Far

A Step Too Far
Only a Man Could Invent a Heel So Thin You Can’t Stay Upright.

It is a well-known fact that women love shoes. I’m no feminist; I share that sentiment. From the sensual curves of the stiletto to the towering majesty that is the platform boot, women love them all. There are very few members of the female species who don’t go weak at the knees for that certain pair of heels, be it the classic elegance of the Chanel slingback, or the decadent glamour of the latest, stud embellished Jimmy Choo. However; there is a limit to how far we can be pushed for the sake of glamour.

Heels are however not the footwear for every occasion, as some members of the fashion elite would have us believe. We have all seen Victoria Beckham and the rest of the WAG squad tottering about in the latest (and highest) designer heels day in, day out. Come to think of it, have you ever seen a picture of Mrs. Beckham in flat shoes? Despite our addiction to high heels, a certain ‘mad genius’ shoe designer has decided this just isn’t enough and has developed a heel that is sure to raise the most botoxed of brows.

Jonathan Kelsey seems adamant that it is time for us girls to be wearing an even thinner heel, a heel with the exact measurements of a pencil he happened to have in his bag when he dreamt them up. Kudos to the man for coming up with something original, but surely he can’t be serious? As thin as a pencil? Forgive me if this next comment is in bad taste, but leave it to a man to develop a shoe that you can barely stand in, a heel which has already been dubbed by Grazia magazine as “so slim and high they are only for lying down in”. How can we be so sure that, as a man, this wasn’t what he had in mind?

Even worse, as intriguing and innovative (albeit impossible to keep your balance in) as this new heel may sound, the finished product was not only intimidating to the most seasoned high heel wearer; it was horrible to look at.

Stood in the shoe department of Harrods, they stuck out like a sore thumb. An ugly beast of a shoe, that looked a lot like someone had ripped the heels of a perfectly nice pair of shoes and jammed a pencil in it’s place, creating a deformed, Frankenstein’s monster-esque type of shoe that would look out of place on the most eccentric of shoe racks.

I recently stumbled upon an article for Women’s Health, which proclaimed ‘High Heels Are Dangerous to Your Health”! I must admit, I found this to be a little over the top, because although a pretty scary list of knee, ankle and foot complaints are mentioned, these are really only from long-term wear and not entirely impossible to fix. The love of a beautiful shoe somehow makes the chiropodist appointments and hours taken learning to balance in them seem worth it.

This pin thin heel won’t catch on. Any woman with sense knows that shoes are for walking in and if you can’t walk in them, and they don’t look good, they have no place in your shoe closet.

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