Giuseppe Zanotti

Seeing a couple of fabulous pairs of Giuseppe Zanotti sandals appear in the BuyMyHeels shoe shop inspired me to have a look at what the fashion house has on offer for this season. And they certainly did not disappoint me in the amazing summer shoes stakes.


One thing Zanotti always has on offer are beautiful sandals, the kind of thing that makes me  lust to just hop on a plane to somewhere exotic and laze on a beach, with my beautiful sandals glinting in the warm sun.  Metallic is just one of the styles on offer though, although almost every pair would surely look fabulous paired with almost any outfit you slip into this summer. The ad campaign for the collection clearly sells the shoes as the perfect heels and sandals to be worn on a luxurious holiday, with the gorgeous Anja Rubik looking svelte and sexy wearing striking white beachwear (which is extremely on trend by the way) and metallic accessories with a serene ocean view in the background.


Basic black is a staple in the collection, and obviously makes the sandals so, so wearable. What doesn’t go with black? Don’t be fooled into thinking basic means boring though, the black in this collection comes decorated with diamantes, ribbons, and even when they are just simple straps, they still look beautiful; a veritable treat for the feet. Metallics are also prominent, with glinting silver and gold strappy heels that are sure to look absolutely dazzling in the summer sun, and whether it’s a trip to the beach with the girls, or a date with that sexy guy from the gym, metallics always leave you looking glamorous.


Prices start at around £390, and although that might seem a tiny bit pricey for some of us, I’d say that for shoes this classic, that are sure to see you right through the warmer months, they are well worth splashing out a little bit!

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