Nicholas Kirkwood

In all things, shopping, cosmetics, even clothes, people are making a move to a more natural, more organic way of doing things.


And in a slightly mad move, Nicholas Kirkwood’s shoe designs at Rodarte have gone right back to nature, looking more like sculptures than heels, but upon closer examination, the designs are something unique, intriguing and so stylish that they really do warrant a wear.


Kirkwood’s designs for Rodarte have always teetered on the edge between shoe and art, with last season’s dripping wax effect heels causing quite a stir with fashion writers; and yet still, the general consensus is that despite their extreme and unusual appearance is that they are still extremely beautiful and very wearable.


Chunky heels, and this season’s summer shoe staple the wedge, both make appearances in this capsule collection, but rather than being in commonplace cork and simple leather, instead we are offered wedges and heels delicately and ornately carved in oak and mahogany shade of wood. It all sounds like madness, but with a simple shift dress, or perhaps chinos and a camisole; any unfussy style of dress would allow the shoes to speak for themselves without screaming at a pitch that only dogs can hear.


Available with straps in the hue of cloudy skies or nude tones, and carved with roses, leaves and vines these inspired shoes instantly add a little spice, and a step back to nature,  to any shoe collection.

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