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We all like designer shoes. I love them, I adore them, would probably sell my own Mother for the right pair. But, if you’re in my situation (recently graduated/debt accumulating at a slightly alarming rate) then you probably can’t afford to splash out on every pair you want (The debt would be enough to fill a room with twenty pound notes if I could. I kid you not.)

However, if you have parties you need to look fabulous for, you can’t be wearing the same heels for every single one, and if you’re working in fashion, it’s kind of mandatory to look the business.

If you can’t afford to deck out your shoe closet in Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin (which let’s face it, is the ultimate goal) you might have to do a little bargain hunting... if you’re reading this, then you may have noticed the beautiful red nine west shoes in the picture. They are in our shop right now, just waiting for your card details. And they are such a bargain; you won’t have to live on value beans and pasta until your next payday!

The wedges are so, so close to this season’s espadrille, but have that little wedge that makes them a tiny bit more glamorous (garden party anyone?) and the slightly metallic sheen to the heels makes them easy to wear with your office wear in the daytime and then shimmy on out to those all important parties in the evenings.

You might want to hurry up and buy though... my credit card finger is starting to itch.

Find these red beauties in our shoe shop; click on that tab and treat yourself!

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