Summer Sandals

Have you bought your summer bikini yet? Are you lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere warm on holiday? (If so I’m insanely jealous, the most I’ll be getting this Summer is a daytrip to Brighton or Chichester) Well if you got the bikini/tankini/swimsuit and you know where you’re off too; there’s always room for another pair of sandals in your suitcase, or even in your handbag for when you get out of the airport. In my experience, sandals are the best shoes for air travel, as there’s nowhere near as much fuss if security want you to take them off!

The BuyMyHeels shop currently has a fair few pairs of sandals on offer; and almost every pair is an absolute bargain (shoppers are lucky that most of them aren’t in my size or there wouldn’t be any).

If you’re into bright colours, we have some wonderful Moda Spana sandals with some really fun pink flowers on the toes, just looking at them makes me smile! We also have some really cute Ann Marino’s decorated with daisies and multi-coloured sunflowers.

If you’d rather have metallics than colours, we have some absolutely brilliant pairs from prolific designers such as Giuseppe Zanotti and Vera Wang, as well as some gorgeous strappy sandals from Dior.

Whatever the occasion, hurry up and click to the shop and get shopping!

And if we currently don’t have a pair in your size, why not sign up to be alerted when we do?

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