Karen Millen

So there are these shoes that have appeared in the BuyMyHeels shop. And I kid you not, Iíve been dreaming about them (but I honestly havenít woken up dribbling over them... and no, Iím not pulling a really shifty face right now, you canít prove a thing!) But my weird sleeping habits aside, they really are beautiful. Fashioned in black satin, with a glittering web of diamantes up the heel... they are the shoes that fantasies are made of. They would be ideal for that special event youíve got coming up, be it a birthday party, clubbing with the girls, and theyíd be especially brilliant if youíve got a wedding to go to. Theyíre an absolute steal at £75.00, and seeing as I canít cut the ends of my feet off (Iím currently full of rage at them for being too big) Iíll have to sit at my laptop  and look at a picture of them while turning green with envy.

Although, I have set my sights on a beautiful pair of white patent Mary Janes from the Karen Millen Autumn Winter collection, which, although not being quite as beautiful as the ones we have in stock, theyíre still gorgeous. The current Karen Millen collection features some beautiful pieces, and even though it is a fairly small collection, every piece has a timeless beauty that means it could last a lifetime in your wardrobe.

Prices on the new Karen Millen collection start at £200, and if like me your feet canít be jammed in the lovely diamante numbers in the shop, you can ogle them and buy a pair at

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  • Comment Form Eagle Friday, 16 December 2011 posted by Eagle

    I can't hear anything over the sound of how awesome this artcile is.

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