Lauren Conrad
Lovely Louboutin. Lovely Lauren (6 photos) I dare anyone to step forward and claim they don't know the IT-Girl and gorgeous Icon of today that is @ LAUREN CONRAD!

She's the extremely talented yet humble with such extraordinary natural style and charm to inspire the millions of girls out there who's followed her from starring in two hit-reality series .. Say it with me, ladies; From Laguna Beach to The Hills, where her Style has been put in real-time action from her famous side braid (Everyone still following? yes? Brilliant! LET'S GO!!) to her Best Selling novels following the LA Candy-series, the list goes on with the chicest of outfits presented in her clothing lines, starting off with LC by Lauren Conrad to Paper Crown!

I for one, cannot wait to see what she's up to next, running her Beauty and Style tips on her website @laurenconrad(dot)com! As a true inspiration she knows where to put her foot down, or rather how and in what to do so; namely the beautiful artworks of soles that are Christian Louboutin's! Taking the world by storm in these absolute Beauties of Skyscrapers just adds to the powerful woman she's become - that we've watched her grow into!

So take a Step in the Lovely Lauren's direction and grab your very own pair of Louboutin's, ready to take on your own (super-stylish) challenges! All at a fraction of the price, as if you haven't already added #1478 to the list of reasons 'Why The RED SOLES are the perfect colour to match My Lifestyle' ... The very first reason? The Selection offered at BuyMYHeels!! xoxo

Sofia @ BuyMYheels

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