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How’s the weather treating you? I know it seems to be the one question one never gets to hear the end of, but with all right at that too. Let me be nice and re-formulate myself, for your reading-pleasure; How is the weather treating you’re precious goods? I’m of course talking about your beloved well-deserved heels that themselves also, quite frankly, deserve some tender love and care.

How many times have you walked through the front door after a truly great evening afraid of inspecting the potential damage mud and gravel has caused, along with the all too frequent and terrible circumstances of our ever-changing climate?

Clean Heels should, and hopefully will, from this day on serve as a perfect solution to this problem. After Ally Stephenson had her heels ruined one too many times, like so many others, she had enough and with that the fantastically simple solution of ‘Clean Heels’ was born.

The product is designed to easily and conveniently slot onto the end of stiletto heels, stopping them sinking down into the ground outdoors, keeping you perfectly stylish all throughout your event. They protect from wear and tear not only on themselves but also on your perfectly polished laminated floorboards. The sales of Clean Heels has doubled since 2011 due to this year’s wet weather, as reported by the Daily Mail, August 3rd.

Living in the capital, running to and from the office on a daily basis I’m a self-acclaimed heel-abuser. And my partner in crime? Who I by the way aren’t on particularly good terms with is; The Escalator. Countless upon, well, countless of heels have seen their last steps taken away on the electrical stairs. Followed by the cobbles that make my riverside walks look so charming, until you step on them and not only risk falling into the river Thames but also breaking your ankle whist doing so, and completely and utterly ruin your stiletto heel to within not even an inch of its short-lived life. Thank God, Stephenson had an answer to this too. Following the success of Clean Heels she launched Heel Sleeves, selling over 4,000 pair on its first day alone. The Heel Sleeve also protects from these things, including driving on a long-term basis as they cover a larger amount of the heel itself.

Choosing a size for your Clean Heel-tube is easy whilst the Heel Sleeve shrinks by 50% using heat (such as your hairdryer for convenience!) fitting snuggly onto your stiletto heels. Finally, I know we already provide great deals on Designer Heels here at BuyMYheels, but doubting the fact that you’re lifestyle might still be too rough to mistreat a pair so gorgeous as the pairs below, fret no longer. Visit the ‘Shoe Shop’ tab on our website and shop away, comfortable in the knowing that they can be properly protected and last you, all with some tender loving and care.


For more information and order, click through to http://www.cleanheels.co.uk/ , and browse their full selection of gorgeous little heel protectors, your new best friends.



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