Ruby Wing
Young, that’s the keyword for today. Think back a few years, to younger, where the everyday teenagers fascination laid in the mood-rings that changed according to your body heat… Forgive me, it changed to our ‘mood’. Colour-changing has certainly always fascinated me in this manner, and there’s no need to deny the fact it’s caught you once or twice. I am proud to announce that it’s completely fine to be swept away by the magic once again with this sassy new accessory to take any outfit to the next level. A pop of colour on your nails, be they finger or toes, can do wonders for an over-all look and open toed soles, it would almost be a sin to parade around in them without well-groomed and/or kitschy nails. Neon, again in all honour and we can say the same for the Crackle-coat but it’s time for them to step aside for the new Royalty on the block; Ruby Wing ™.

The nail varnish/polish or lacquer, if you so prefer, that changes colour in the sun. Believe me when I say that it won’t disappoint on a rainy day to work, or even during the snowy holiday that we do not quite yet need to mention.. It’s here to brighten our day and put a ‘vah-vah-voom’ in our steps since all we need is Ultra Violet light (UV) which can be obtained during any daylight hours. Score! –That goes without mentioning that the process of colour-change is infinite, step outside in day-light and watch it change- it’s where the magic happens, just as it changes back as soon as you step inside. Double-Score!

What’s more is that there are a total of 18 shades of Ruby Wing™ , with everything from subtle hues to brights and sparkles meaning there is something for everyone. The brand will be available in retail stores from this month, August, and for more details visit the American brand behind the varnish, Color Club (who also makes other gorgeous bottles of magnetic varnish, gold leaves for nails, crackle coats etc.) at

The colours and collection have said to be updated with season, so we’ll see new shades to continue keeping us on-trend with our new favourite accessory, retailed at a mere $12 - Triple-Score! I, for one, can’t wait to step out in a pair of peep-toed stiletto’s to show off one of the gorgeous new colours from Ruby Wing. My favourite options at the moment, from of course, is without doubt the bright blue Guiseppe Zanotti’s for a spot-on colour-clash or even a more subtle version in a pair from our extensive range of Christian Louboutin’s creations.

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