The Shoe Queen

A recent story by Jane Mulkerrins for The Daily Mail sparked a lot of interest at the BuyMYheels office and I have no doubt in my mind you can easily see why. It’s a story about Beth Shak, suitably dubbed ‘The Shoe Queen’. Of course, such a title did not just spark interest but also followed by jealousy of her shoe empire but also wonder, at the strong minded woman who has built it all up on her own. We must admit that Beth has gracefully come through obstacles in her life making her truly worthy of the title as Queen – In Chess - the most powerful piece.

Beth grew up the youngest of three children and speaks of her mother as ‘her rock’. At the already tough age of 13 Beth’s parents got divorced and only two years later her older sister Lynne, then 18, was killed in a car crash leaving the family struck by grief. Beth said she’s simply lost her best friend and her other was barely functioning herself, as the normally amazing woman she was. ‘It was the first funeral I went to, and it was horrible’ Beth said. ‘I think that event changed the path of my life. I started to make decisions I would not have made had I not been through this tragedy’.

Beth went on a quest to seek stability and married at a young age. By 19 she had her first child and by the age of 24 she found herself back at her mother’s arms. She was still so young and a second marriage gave her two more children. As the strong woman she’s proven to be she preferred not to disclose the reason for the personal ending of her marriages as her ex-husbands are fathers of her children and they all now have a strong relationship, which leads us to the story of her relationship with Dan Shak and her life as the fourth Mrs Shak where Beth went from fairly middle-class comfort to sky-rocketing into a life of the super-rich.  “‘We had access to three private planes, we had a $7.5 million apartment in New York, a $3 million place here in Philadelphia, a $4 million home in Colorado, and five members of staff,’ she says. ‘My shopping became pretty significant,’ she deadpans. ‘I spent and was allowed to spend whatever I wanted on his black Amex card. And if I was charging things on his credit card, which he saw the bills for, would he know about those purchases or not, do you think?’.

” Jane Mulkerrins wrote. “After 13 year of marriage her third ex-husband Dan famously started legal action against her for 35 per cent of all the shoes she owns – estimated to number around 1,200, including 700 pairs of Christian Louboutins, and to be worth around $1 million (£640,000) – but recently dropped his case”.

Beth keeps all her shoes in the house consisting of multiple closets. They are kept under lock and key with entry to the master closet measuring 12ft by 8ft, controlled by a keypad. Dan had claimed she kept her high-end heel collection in a ‘secret room’ and believed her shoes should be considered assets, which she should have been forced to disclose. Never in a million years is the key phrase used in conjunction with a look of horror upon our faces her at BuyMYheels. Just imagine having those gorgeous wonders snatched away from you?.

Millions of dollars through hedge funds could clearly not buy you happiness, a lesson Beth seemed to have to learn the hard way as she admits to have done anything not to go back home, drive around or sit in Starbucks for hours. She told Mukerrins of how her children made her come around ‘What sort of example was I showing them? I was showing my sons that this is how you treat a woman, and I was showing my daughter that this is how you should have a man treat you. I couldn’t do that any longer. Leaving was a difficult decision to make, of course,’ she says. ‘All I could think was: “Am I really going to do this again? What’s wrong with me?”’ She misses her life in the city, but not the unhappiness that accompanied it. ‘Maybe I don’t have private planes, and maybe I can’t spend offensive amounts of money on his card every month, and maybe I have to do my own dishes and make my own bed, but I do have inner peace, and there’s no price tag on that,’ she say.

Here on BuyMYheels we commend Beth for not just her impressive shoe collection but for her strength that’s brought her to where she is today. This is the introduction of a series here at BuyMYheels where we find the inspiration to help us decide on our future, cross your fingers, shoe collection and the installation of walk-in wardrobes that will host them. Oh, and of course we will also look to ladies who already has it all, from Carrie Bradshaw to Eva Longoria. Yes, even Mariah Carey is of course rumoured to possess a pretty impressive shoe-drobe. But to find out more you have to stay tuned and don’t forget that all your opinions and ideas are more than welcome on our Facebook Page.

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