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These brown Christian Dior loafers just arrived at With the detailing that just breathes ‘perfection’ and at £140, only a gulp of the original £250, it’s a matter of who strikes the fastest. I rarely do decide to write about one specific product that we get in unless it has really caught my fancy, so I’m sure you can tell that these soles have struck me down completely. In the most loving of ways.

With Fashion Week buzzing all over the globe, everyone is generally taken by the glorious industry that is ‘fashion’. I have of course got the updates of my favourite new catwalk collections on our Facebook Page, so make sure you ‘Like’ for the most recent updates. There will be absolutely no missing out, I promise.

As for these loafers, I dug deep down into my collection of inspiration files as soon as I set sight on them and just knew I’d seen something, just something, that for Autumn 2012 would challenge my inner fashionista like there is no tomorrow. As you can tell from the top 3 images, this is what’s made me jump up-and-down, running circles around my desk. The ‘Boyish’ trend that stylishly entered the pages in our #Glossies (That’s the Fashion Week Lingo for ‘Fashion Magazines’) this autumn.

This trend is a far cry from my daily fashion-self. Which is exactly why it’s in my style-files of inspiration, I’ve got piles and masses of them but more about that another time. Another trend that’s similar and touch on the subject is the woman’s essential ‘power dressing’. These two trends are easily distinguished but should not during any circumstances be confused, which is the one reason why I’m even bringing it up. Making this distinction is vital for your own fashion conscience, believe me.

Let’s start with the ‘Power’ Dressing: The suited up woman. The aim is sharp yet clean and minimal lines. Detailing and structure to enhance the female form through high and/or ‘cinched’ in waist. An illusion of long limbs such as legs, through tailored trousers – A demonstration that we can indeed conquer the world one step at a time. Here at BuyMYheels we follow the words of Marilyn Monroe ‘..If you give a woman the right shoes…’

Even if these woman’s autumn 2012 trends indeed have a masculine resemblance, a resemblance is what it will remain. The ‘boyish’ look: Focus on re-shaping the female form through trousers with a more masculine cut, dropping the crotch and keeping ‘British Heritage’ in mind. This will help you nail yet another trend in one and train your eye for the texture/print layering needed to recreate this look. A 3-piece suit look is great inspiration or: a classic shirt will always be the base. Layer with a, preferably, oversize tweed coat. It will pinch you the points in texture and shape, giving you that extra shoulder definition and tie the look together with, well, a tie. The tie saw a hue comeback and has been greatly modelled both on- and off the catwalk recently. The last piece of the puzzle? These gorgeous loafers, of course. I am so thrilled we got them in.

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