From a male perspective, an interesting blog to share with your man...

From a male perspective, an interesting blog to share with your man...

Guys, let’s all face the truth: Women LOVE shoes!!!! It’s really interesting to see how much appreciation and inner deep-connection women have had with these incredible objects through centuries and more centuries. But for us ‘guys’, how can we also get involved along their stories? Moreover, Cinderella’s story was not only focused on her lost ‘heels’. 

Recently, I have been fortunate enough to have my parents visiting me in London. Within the few weeks which they have stayed here, we had a great time re-visiting their favorite museums, parks and restaurants. However, looking at my mother’s side, I would be lying if I do not mention that a ‘few’ times a day, I really felt slightly annoyed when going to at least dozens of shops, and only ‘passing by‘ half dozens more (with her at least trying 2 pair of shoes in each store) when walking by Sloane Street. Please do not take me wrong, I love fashion and the same does not need to be mentioned about my mom, however, we all know how annoying these experiences can be whoever we are with (family, friends, girlfriends, mother in law, lovers!!).

Now, re-examining the same situation after my mother’s sad departure back to Sao Paulo, it is pretty remarkable (to at least mention) how much the whole experience has been not only in my mother’s eyes, but also for myself. From Louboutin to Prada, Choo to Saint Laurent, the craftsmanship involving these highly desired pieces can not be described solely in words. Looking at these products, it becomes easy for us to understand the devotion, affection, and connection between women and shoes (moreover, who has never heard something like ‘on that special night, I was wearing my Geiger heels or D&G boots?!?!). As if those specials shoes are as important as their unforgettable moments. Well in fact it is, as it is both associated to the same feelings and emotions, despite being distinctive sentiments of pleasure, both unique in their own way.

Therefore, as spectators of these daily passion, what can we guys learn from their individual relationship with their shoes?!?! The answer is simple trying to appreciate it in the same way as they do. Simple as that!!! Well, I know exactly what you might be thinking now. I do understand that things are really much easier when said than done; however, you will definitely understand what it means that (as I did!) when you stop looking at their shoes in the same way as we frequently do, and start to appreciate in the way women do. It is just like that old say ‘stop looking, and start seeing it’. The experience can be easily compared to the same way as we look at art. In the beginning, we might not really understand what the artist is trying to communicate through the chosen object of expression, but once we discover the delight of it, it becomes like an addiction to us. The same can be described about women’s shoes. As soon as we start valuing their incredible heels, the whole shopping experience becomes much more pleasant and enjoyable for both parts. Moreover, just as my mother’s assume, I do believe that the highlight of a holiday is not based purely on going to parks and visiting monuments, but also on buying or at least seeing that so much desired and sought pair of shoes which the special person along you so much admire it. Then someday, you wish you could go back on time as much as I do (don’t worry, in the end of the day, we still have plenty of time and new opportunities ahead of us all). But do not forget: ENJOY HER SHOES!!!!

 By Leandro Matos

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