Stars and Straps

What’s the deal with women and shoes?


If you’re looking for an answer to such an important ‘existential’ question then sorry, you’re looking in the wrong place. I’m pretty sure if I tried I could come up with a hypothesis but, why ruin the magic and mystery that surrounds a woman’s love for her shoes?


I’ll admit, I’ve not always been a die-hard shoe enthusiast but after watching Big propose to Carrie with that beautiful Manolo Blahnik (Sex and the City movie), something just clicked. I currently have a whole board (yes, really) on Pinterest dedicated to shoes. Every fashion show I look up, my first thought is always “what shoes are they wearing?!” Recently at a 1920’s themed party, I spent most of my night staring at the ground because I was mesmerised by some of the amazing shoes dancing about.


For me, shoes can dress up a simply outfit or tone down one. For example, wearing a plain black dress to the glam party of the year. No worries strap on a pair of gravity-defying heels and you’re good to go. Automatically you become the movie star of the night. Or on the other side, feel like you’re too dressed up for a casual gathering between friends? Girl, don’t change that outfit! Put on a pair of Converses or Nike Blazers and you won’t worry about stepping outside of the unwritten dress code. Never compromise your awesome style.


So as you can see, I love shoes. A lot. But most of all, I wanted to share with you, a pair of shoes that I must have and you must know because I need to share the struggle.


Aren’t they just beautiful?!


I call them my graduation shoes. These are the exact shoes that I want to be wearing when I collect my degree in front of hundreds. Like I said before these shoes are going to glam up that plain old black gown and it shall be glorious. What’s even better about these shoes, is that they’re studded with Swarovski crystals! Shoes and jewellery? Madness. It’s the shoe that keeps on giving; I wouldn’t even have to wear jewellery (but I will). The plan is to walk across stage with my “Naomi Campbell walk” as the lights hit the crystals just right and I can dazzle everyone with my Rising Stars.


Don’t worry everyone, I know that the most important fact about that day will be that I graduated from university but who said I can’t look good whilst doing it? If anything, I think it serves as my inspiration to make sure I can walk across that stage with a huge proud smile on my face as the audience is dazzled by my fantastic shoes. Besides it might just give me the confidence to walk across the stage in front of hundreds.


So tell me readers, what do you think of my graduation shoes? What’s your aspirational shoe?

By Monique Simpson


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