Fashion Week!

That’s right folks. The Spring/Summer 14 shows begin in New York this coming week with London Fashion Week following the week after. I’m excited to see what designers come up with.

However what I’m most looking forward to seeing is the street style that comes with it. All the most stylish and creative fashionistas can be seen gracing the streets with their eclectic style.

One of my all time favourites has to be Esther Quek; Group Fashion Director of The Rake and Revolution magazines (Middle East).


Look at her and look at those shoes! She is absolutely stunning. Who says adults shouldn’t wear patterned tights?!

What Esther Quek is most known for is her ability to dress in classic menswear and make it entirely her own. If anything she does it better than the men. (Sorry guys.)


Yes she is wearing heels. She does this often. For me shoes can completely change an outfit and I think in this case Esther has managed to add even more class and sophistication with the shoes, as well as luxury. I’m looking forward to what Esther will step out in this season.

Ladies if you’re thinking of emulating Madame Quek’s insatiable style then I suggest teaming up a trouser suit with these fabulous GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI SUEDE SANDALS.



They look like a piece of art and they’re available for your purchase on right now for £700. So hurry up and go check them out, I can assure you that they won’t be there for long; but remember buymyheels has a fantastic range or standout shoes that gets added to every week so stay tuned for more!


By Monique Simpson


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