I see you…Jimmy Choo!

I see you…Jimmy Choo!

*excuse the terrible word play.

I have to admit, I haven’t always been a fan of Jimmy Choo shoes. They never really captured me the same way other brands have done in the past but after seeing the Godzilla sized billboards of Nicole Kidman on a daily basis, I had no choice but to sit up and pay attention.


After spending a quick second (read: hours) perusing their online shop, I can’t help but bemoan my lack of interest in the past. Jimmy Choo is a fantastic brand and they are absolutely perfect for the party season, which means it’s a perfect excuse to get spending.


I particularly love the silver Mimic’s,  they make me think of Cinderella at the ball or getting down at the disco! (Yes I did write that.)


If you think that these are a bit too pricey feel free to check out our extensive Jimmy Choo collection on buyMYheels.com, you can filter the shoe shop by designer and my goodness do we have Jimmy Choo's for you. 


Apologies for not having Nicole Kidman on our page, she does look fantastic in the ads so definitely check those out. At least we can give you a major discount.


by Monique Simpson

Jimmy Choo

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