Itsís Christmaaaaaassss!

Itsís Christmaaaaaassss!

In exactly one month! Are you excited? Because I am!

Normally Iím one of those people who are sort of ďmehĒ about Christmas. For the last few years, I have only looked forward to the epic dinner and the movies on Christmas day. However this year Iíve decided to get into the spirit and I would have to attribute to the Christmas ads Iíve seen lately.


I donít have a specific favourite but whenever I see Christmas adverts Iím just reminded of being younger and filled with the excitement of a thousand puppies. In addition it reminds me of a story my mother likes to tell and is my absolute favourite. When she was younger, Christmas to her meant getting a new pair of shoes and a party dress. A simple story but its something that she looked forward to the most and you can hear the sense of nostalgia in her voice.


I guess thatís what I love about Christmas and what Iíve been forgetting about these past few years. Christmas is a time for special moments and because of that we build up a lifetime of special moments. Or little things remind us of this time, it could be the smell of mince pies, fairy lights or for those like my mother, a brand new pair of shoes. For me it means putting on my best clothes (I guess my mother carried on the tradition) and sitting down the best feast of the year. Oh and presents, donít forget the presents!


Therefore in the spirit of Christmas, I decided to find the best pair of shoes that are just so Christmas, Santa might try and steal them from you!

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