Designer Spotlight: Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl

One of the spectacular facets of fashion is its ability to embrace the new, the quirky, the different and the innovative. Fashion is a space for everyone. At least it should be. I say that because in all honesty, a lot of us are stuck focussing on area of fashion or the more established designers. Every season we look to the major labels and the famous designers such as Chanel, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace et al to tell us "what's hot and what's not". 


Of course its completely understandble, these design houses work hard to make sure they get their collections right and there is a reason they are considered fashion innovators. Nonetheless, by doing so we forget to make space for new and different designers or those that have been around for a while but you just don't hear about.


Worry not for I have been doing my research and I came across a designer label that I'm just about ready to throw my savings at. Mother of Pearl is a fantastically dynamic collection created by the equally dynamic and interesting Maia Norman. The brand is essentially a joining of art and fashion for every season, Mother of Pearl collaborates with an artist in order to bring us a unique and inspired collection. It wasn't really until 2010 with the appointment of Amy Powney as Head Designer that the brand's aestehtic was "streamlined...using the artists’ work as first hand research and utilising them to feature cleverly as prints within the collection."


In the past they have worked with Polly Morgan, Francesco Simeti, Gary Hume, Fred Tomaselli, Fiona Banner, Keith Tyson, Jim Lambie and Carsten Holler. For their Spring Summer 2014 collection they have joined forces with London based artist Mat Collishaw. I really advise you all to take a gander at the  Mother of Pearl collections.

Remember, fashion is art!

By Monique Simpson

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