London Collections: Men

Bonne Année! Feliz año nuevo! Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2014! A new year marks new beginnings and in the fashion world that means a new season. To kickstart the fashion season i.e. the Autumn/Winter 2014 season we have London Collections: Men.

London Collections Men



LCM is relatively new to the fashion week calendar; now in its 4th season, it began in 2012 to great success and it made us all wonder why it didn’t exist before!

Craig Green AW 13

I know there are some gentleman readers of buyMYheels *waves* so I’m sure you will agree with me that men’s fashion isn’t that big of a deal…well in relation to women’s fashion. You know I’m right. However, in recent years there has been a collective appreciation for well dressed men and slowly but surely, interest has risen with London being the city at the forefront of men’s fashion. We could possibly attribute this to the city’s rich tailoring history with Savile Row but I’m sure others will disagree and say “blame David Beckham!” True or not, it has been a collective effort to get men’s fashion on the rise and I for one cannot complain. Let me tell you, women love a well dressed man. Trust me, George Clooney hasn’t got this far just on his looks alone. No really, otherwise GQ magazine wouldn't exist now would it?!

I myself am a big fan of men's fashion and I just love fashion creativity. There's very few professions where you can get away with putting planks of wood of people's faces and be applauded for it (see image above). Fashion is fun and full of life. Its about time men appreciated it for themselves.

David Gandy @LCM

Another great element to LCM is its support for up and coming designers and that means fashion graduates. Its pretty hard out there to make a name for yourself amongst the already established powerhouses so for LCM to exist for these designers is excellent.

London Collections Men is currently taking place from Monday 6th January – Wednesday 8th January. I’m definitely going to do some style spotting.


By Monique Simpson



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