Its here! Its finally here!

“What is here?!” I hear you cry. It’s the first of red carpet of the awards season and boy has it started with a bang!

I was going to start of slow and ease your way into it, slowly building up momentum to a grand finale but I just can’t help myself.

First up, the best dressed of the night (and probably for the last few years) goes to the gorgeous and talented Miss Lupita Nyong’o who stunned us into silence in this crimson Ralph Lauren caped gown, yes I said caped and shall all deal. 

Lupita Nyong'o in Ralph Lauren

Let us just sit here for a moment and admire this fabulous woman.She chose to wear red on the red carpet and still managed to stand out and beat all the other A listers as if she'd been walking the red carpet her whole life.

I'm going to have to stop there before I dedicate this whole blog post to one woman. Not a bad thing but I'm sure you all want to know what else went down in Tinseltown. (Yay it rhymed.)

Next up I have to give this one to the proud Mamas-to-be a.k.a Kerry Washington and Olivia Wilde.


Kerry Washington Golden Globes

First up and one of my favourite actressed is Kerry Washington who glowed in a grey Balenciaga dress. I love how the dress just skims her baby bump so as to not make it so obvious but you can definitely see she loves her bump and it adds to her over all look. It doesn't look like she's fighting with the changes with her body but rather she's embracing them. The same goes to Olivia Wilde in her gorgeous Gucci gown.












The tight dress accentuates the bump but the dress clearly has beeen tailored to fit her body. Good tailoring is important everyone.

Olivia Wilde GG




























Now for the absolutely tragic. You would think people who had so much and access to some of the best designers around, would nail the red carpet look every time. But alas, that is wrong! Dear readers, you and I can take comfort in that fact.

The biggest affront comes from Jennifer Lawrence aka JLaw (I wonder if she's ok with that?). As the face of Miss Dior and one of the biggest stars right now, she has access to an extensive archive of beautiful dresses but she chose this.

Jennifer Lawrence

No. Just no. It makes you wonder what other dressed she passed up when she chose this. At least her hair and make up look cute, right? I love the green dangly earrings...yeah thats it.

Julia Roberts

Then there was Julia Roberts. It looks like she's stuck in the 90s non? I mean, why? She could do so much better. Have you seen that Lancôme ad she was in last year? She looked great. Here she looks really uncomfortable. I do like the belt in the middle though.

I will admit, this year was a good year for the Golden Globes. Some actresses came with their A+ game. Others were in the C/D category, they passed but nothing new or exciting, it was very meh. The rest...well I think we've talked enough about them. Detention!

Special shoutout goes to Angela Bassett in Ines Di Santo and Juliana Marguiles in Andrew Gn. They both just looked absolutely magnificent and I couldn't end on an unhappy note.

Angela Basset Golden Globes

Julianna Margulies

By Monique Simpson




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