Summer has finally arrived and so have the sales!

Summer has finally arrived and so have the sales!

Why hello there all middle-of-summer ladies, and gents, out there! Are you enjoying your summer? I sure hope so… What I’ve come to realise is that regardless of the absolutely useless weather in the capital of England (no change there!) which makes one long for the rays that has not yet arrived, and reality makes one realise that they probably won’t this time around… It’s just that, the sun will not gracefully stretch out its glorious arms and cradle us in warmth. Yes, that reality has most definitely hit home truer than I would have liked lately, and the reason for it? All this talk of Autumn, Fall or even the home-stretch into winter!

As with one season ending- a new one comes around, so really we have no choice but to start converting our thinking into massive scarves and fabulous coats and boots. No, we can’t forget the boots! So what on earth has triggered this need of thinking ahead and planning our wardrobe-updates to correctly arm ourselves against the cold we know is coming? Why is it that it’s here now when we’ve just managed to grab our heavenly bargains in the 70% SALE to spruce up the last of our Summer wardrobe. Summer’s the keyword here, girls. It is still Summer so regardless of the catwalk shows or endless string of newsletters we’ve subscribed to from our favourite brands straight to our work-email (Only to pull out the self-satisfying stop of ogling up the latest stock and wardrobe-additions whilst pretending to read a really important email)… Oh don’t you dare raise those eyebrows like you’ve never done it! …

My point is, we are all forced into this planning ahead with the fashion-choices we are about to make for the upcoming season and our named favourite brands already giving us sneaky pre-views or even full on options to purchase their latest collection, now that they’ve gotten rid of the summer stock over the final days of crazy-bargain Sales.

Lastly, how do we make these choices? We did, after all, spend more than we should over the summer-sale period so all that’s left is to prioritise. It’s about finding items that can truly inject some serious spice and personality into any outfit. I, as I’m sure so many of you, have been completely and utterly in love with the brightly coloured, embellished or well… any change to the toe-cap of a heel that’s been around this season. It’s just such a versatile do that fits into the categories of super-chic day-, fun and sophisticated evening- wear. Yes I do absolutely love it, especially since it doesn’t actually compromise fit and comfort the least. It’s a true win-win!

Other instant updates to inject some serious ‘vah-voom’ this, and next, season are this absolutely fabulous line from the previous assistant of Nicholas Kirkwood, namely Sophia Webster She is indeed one to watch after recently receiving her first ever NEWSGEN (She’s one of thirteen recipients for the SS '13 New Gen  sponsorship scheme that is supported by Topshop) and still staying strong with Kirkwood as he’s been supportive of her stepping out into the world, and boy has he done brilliantly in doing so. Sophia Webster surely is one to watch with a cut-out body of the heel, and even boot, along with open toes and colour palettes that seem to have been created from another world completely. Would you dare to spice up your work clothes in the top ones? Colour-clash an outfit or even dare these printed stilettos’ with skinny jeans and a plain, loose white T-shirt? Oh aren’t you just at the very tip of effortlessly cool... Don’t forget those shades, darling!

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