NY Fashion Week

Rebecca Minkoff sent out a spring 2013 collection full of bright hues, cheerful prints and youthful, flirty silhouettes that would fit right in at a chic summer wedding or cocktail party.  The palette was back grounded in bright white, topped with patterns in Mediterranean blue, coral red and emerald. Minkoff utilized garden party floral prints in unexpected places: as an accent on trouser ankles, a front piece for a track jacket, cut in strips to create focal points on dresseand pants, and marching in neat horizontal stripes across windbreakers and blouses.  Despite the happy colors and feminine prints, though, the collection had a sophisticated, sexy bent thanks to slender silhouettes and slouchy fabrics with lots of movement. - Polyvore

MY VERDICT: Rebecca Minkoff's eatable collection! Well not quite eatable but it sure does look the part. It hits the A/W print trend right on the head reassuring us that we will be able to carry our favourite investment pieces straight through to the summer, if not even longer but that's something only time will tell, and could things get better than these newsflash? They could! If only these news came in hues of pastel mints, beige and nudes (Oh, wait! They do!) and perhaps also bright orange and blues luxuriously popping against a white base for true celebration of the season (Oh my, I can't take it... if only, oh yes!) And would skilfully fusing these colours together through gradient fading a la ombre, that we know so well, be pushing it? It so would be, and Rebecca Minkoff has pushed it right for us. It's genius and great at its best with every single piece a wardrobe staple on its own - and easy to match for any time of day - there is but one downside to the collection and that's massive one; It's not available until Spring 13. Oh how our greed is overcoming us!

What's your verdict on the collection, do you love/hate it and why? Please do share your opinions, all is welcome and check back soon for the next part in NEW YORK FASHION WEEK: A Collection A Day!

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